Track Information

The Board of Education Long-Range Facilities Plan has the replacement of the current track as one of its priorities.  Below is some information about the track replacement.

Track Facts:

  • The current track is in serious disrepair.
  • The track has been deemed unsafe to host track and field events.
  • There has been no home track meets for the past three years.
  • Physical education and other classes have limited use of the track due to safety concerns.
  • The current track is not regulation size (regulation size = ¼ mile).

Why the increase in costs from the original Long-Range Facilities Plan?

  • Tecton Architects provided the original quote to replace the existing track with a new ¼ mile track.  The original quote assumed the current track is a ¼ mile.  It is not. 
  • As the School District started refining budget figures for the bond referendum, we engaged the services of SMRT Architects and Engineers.  SMRT has experience in developing school athletic facilities.  The engagement of SMRT was done to have a more realistic budget figure for a new ¼ mile track.
  • SMRT looked at the fields, made suggestions as to possible locations of a new ¼ mile track, and provided the school district with an “opinion of probable costs.”  The opinion of probable costs is an estimate based on observations of athletic fields and comparison to other similar projects.
  • The cost increase is due to the following factors:
    • Increase in track size necessitates a reorientation or relocation.
    • Natural grass multi-purpose interior field (soccer, lacrosse, field hockey).
    • Preparation of new location or reorientation (not yet determined).
    • General site work, preparation, improvements (e.g., bleachers, scoreboard, etc.).
    • Site utilities (e.g., drainage, irrigation, electrical, lighting).

Miscellaneous Information

  • No location or configuration has been finalized. 
  • Final track location will be based on the most qualified and responsible proposal submitted through the mandatory Request for Proposal process.
  • The Board of Education will approve the final awarding of the contract and site location.