Flu Update

I am sure you are all aware of the terrible flu season the country is experiencing.  Somers, to date, has had a relatively low number of students with the flu, but I expect that will grow as we head into the height of the season.  We currently have plans in place in the schools to help prevent the spread of the flu.
  1. Every evening, the custodial staff sanitizes “common touch surface”.
  2. Starting this Saturday, we will be implementing a weekend school deep clean and sanitizing schedule.  Custodians will come in on Saturdays and conduct a more thorough sanitizing of all classrooms.  This schedule will continue through March.
  3. Each classroom (and other areas of the schools) will be issued hand sanitizer for staff and students to use.
  4. Each classroom will be issued sanitizing wipes for staff and students to use on hands, desks, keyboards, and other surfaces.
  5. Staff has been made aware of hygiene protocols to mitigate germ transmission and will be reinforcing this with students frequently.
We realize we will not be able to totally eliminate the flu from our schools but are hopeful that being proactive will help reduce the onset and spread of it.