2017-18 Budget Update

On October 31, 2017, the Governor signed into law the budget for fiscal year 2018 (school year 2017-18) and fiscal year 2019 (school year 2018-19).  While there will be reductions in municipal aid to Somers, the reduction is more manageable than the original proposals.

The Somers Public Schools will have to reduce its current budget by $200,000 this year (compared to the projected $1,127,000 from the governor's executive order).  We will accomplish this reduction through a series of budget cuts in various operational line items.  No staff will be laid off.

We are happy that we do not need to let any staff go, but we still must remain fiscally frugal this year due to the $200,000 budget reduction.  We will try to manage these cut in a way that will minimize the impact on instruction and the students.