Communication Survey

Communications with students, parents, staff and the community is critical to foster our partnership and continued success.  In order to enhance our communications, the school system will be researching and developing a comprehensive plan that meets the needs of all stakeholders.  Please take some time to answer questions in the online survey (see link below).  This information will be critical in helping us develop our communications plan.  Thank you!

Q.  I think it might be helpful to include in your blog the names and contact information for the state legislators who represent Somers with encouragement for concerned citizens to contact them and express their concerns.  They need to know that their inaction is causing real pain in our district. 

A.  Thank you for this suggestion.  I agree the best way to make sure Somers and the school system are fairly represented and municipal aid to the town is maintained is to contact your state legislators.  Let them know the impact of the budget crisis on our schools and kids.  Below is the contact information:

State Senator John Kissel

House Representative Kurt Vail